Album title "Mon Plaisir" has several meanings, and they accurately describe the contents of the album.
To see beautiful photos of beautiful women (best Petersburg's models posed for album) - this in itself is an aesthetic,
visual, sensual pleasure (mon plaisir in French - my pleasure), but also Mon Plaisir - a palace near St. Petersburg,
and an allusion to high style, nobility of work, too - is the name of one of the chapters.

The peculiarity of this album is that it was conceived not as a set of pictures of one of the author and the book with the storytelling,
where each chapter - a separate story, the theme, the gallery of images. Each new chapter is set by key picture and a short text,
defining the mood and prepares perception. Chapters (the galleries) and the photos themselves are arranged in
a specific sequence, thus achieving maximum visual and semantic diversity, intriguing and hold the viewer from beginning to end.

The album contains 6 photo collections in NU genre - Totem, Dark Room, Studio Zero, Love Me, Mon Plaisir, Extreme Chic.

Chapter 1. Totem.
Woman as nature itself - a free, beautiful and capricious. Stylish and concise as characters, black and white NU photos.


Chapter 2. Dark Room.
The shape - classic, in fact - provocative erotic pictures. Call for true manhood.


Chapter 3. Studio Zero.
Fashion models in designer fetish costumes on a background of modern interiors. Aesthetics interaction of latex, metal, leather and flawless women.


Chapter 4. Love Me.
The most sensual chapter of album. "... Only in the rays of love revealed the true beauty, pouring on you and forcing the bow to femininity".


Chapter 5. Mon Plaisir.
Aristocratic, sophisticated fashion-nu photography. Female elegance of lines and forms in full.


Chapter 6. Extreme Chic.
Spicy, with a share of provocation, fashion photography. Gorgeous, free women. Chapter where each photo as a poster or cover.


Mon Plaisir album - is a piece of Aleksey & Marina art, which may belong to you.
It will be an unforgettable gift for lovers of erotic art, nu, fetish photography.
And for those who tries his hand, or passionate about models photography this book in category must have.


Product description

Album-book illustrations with options to choose the cover (softcover, hard cover Dust Jacket, hard cover ImageWrap).
Choosing a cover affects the cost of the book.
Size: 25 x 21 x 2 cm.
Digital high-precision color printing quality. Paper - semi-matte, density 118 g / cm.


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and the expression "soul of the home" in this case more than a poetic metaphor.

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